Math Ed. Tech

resources for teaching mathematics with technology                  



Computer Algebra Systems



Microsoft Mathematics


Dynamic Geometry Software

Compass and Ruler (CAR) Metal


The Geometer's Sketchpad





3-D Software

3DTin - graphics modeling

3-D Function Grapher

CalcPlot3D - learn more at the main website

GeoGebra3D (beta)

Google SketchUp


Graphing Calculators

Desmos - great for interactive whiteboards

Free Online Graphing Calculator


Microsoft Mathematics

TI-Nspire tutorials

WebGraphing - provides detailed solutions





Virtual Manipulatives

Algebra Tiles

McGraw Hill/Glencoe Virtual Manipulatives

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

PhET Interactive Simulations

Shodor Interactivate

Soroban - Japanese abacus

Suan Pan - Chinese abacus

Wolfram Demonstrations Project



Non-virtual Manipulatives

Make Your Own Tangram Puzzle

Ultimate List of Printable Math Manipulatives






Math / Logic Puzzles

Armored Penguin - crossword puzzle maker

A Tangled Tale - literary math puzzles by Lewis Carroll

Formulator Tarsia - create your own Tarsia puzzles

Greater Than Sudoku - inequalities

Kakuro - puzzles

KenKen - puzzles

krazydad - free printable puzzles

Math is Fun - Math and Logic Puzzles

Memory Game Maker

Nonograms - puzzles

Puzzle Maker - word search, etc.

SET - Daily online puzzle based on SET card game

Tarsia Puzzles - Mr. Barton Maths

The Teacher's Corner - puzzle maker

Tools for Educators - create crosswords, etc.


Assessment Resources

Blubbr - Create video trivia games

Braingenie - self quizzes and multiplayer matches

BrainRush - Adaptive learning games

ClassFlow - interactive lessons and assessments

ClassPager - student response and reminder system

EDpuzzle - embed quizzes in videos

eduCanon - add assessments to videos

ExitTicket - student response system

FlipGrid - respond with recorded videos

FlipQuiz - gameshow-style quiz boards

Formative - real-time assessments (including drawings)

FreshGrade - digital portfolios

Google Classroom - begins in full Fall 2014


GradeCam - grade assessments with a camera

Haiku Learning - free for teachers

InfuseLearning - student response system

InstaGrade - scan quizzes with iPhone

Kahoot! - gameshow-style quizzes

Kuta - math test and worksheet generator

Match the Memory - create and play matching games

Math Games - CCSS-based assessments


NearPod - presentation slides plus assessments

Net Texts - add interactive assessments

Nutmeg - CCSS-based assessments and analyses

Office Mix - PowerPoint presentations + assessments

Pear Deck - presentation slides plus assessments

Plickers - student response system

Poll Everywhere

Problem-Attic - test generator

ProProfs - create quizzes, games, etc.

QuizPoo - online quiz creator

Seesaw - digital portfolios

Socrative - create web-based quizzes

Survey Monkey


That Quiz - quick assessments

Quizalize - online quizzes with team option

Quizlet - Flashcards and study games

QuizStar - create online quizzes

Quizizz - multiplayer quiz game

Vizia - add questions to online videos

Zaption - add questions to online videos (no longer active)

ZipGrade - scan quizzes with Apple/Android phone or tablet




Achieve the Core - tools and resources

Activities by Standard - by Mercer U. students

Algebra 1 Teachers -

Common Core Sheets - worksheets

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) - Math

Core-Plus Mathematics Practice Tools - download software 

Eight Standards for CCSS Mathematical Practice

Exemplars Library - CCSS performance tasks

Georgia Performance Standards - Math

Georgia Public Broadcasting CCGPS resources

Inside Mathematics - Activities for CCSS

Lab Guide for Elem/MG Geometry using GeoGebra - Based on CCSS

MasteryConnect - CCSS assessments
Mr. Wolfe's Math - CCSS links

NCTM Principles and Standards for School Mathematics

ScootPad - CCSS practice

PARCC - assessment resources

Tools for the Common Core Standards - blog


Teacher Resources

Academic Presenter - free presentation software

Adobe Education Exchange - lessons, etc.

Amazon Inspire - K-12 educational resource library

Annenberg Learner - math resources

Aurasma - Augmented Reality creator

Bingo Baker - create your own bingo cards

Birmingham Grid for Learning

Blackline Masters - printable math resources

Choice Boards - templates from Dare to Differentiate

ClassBadges - badges for learning experiences

ClassCraft - role-playing game

ClassDojo - classroom management tool

Common Core Math Tools - from NCTM

Cool Tools for School - Web 2.0 tools

CPALMS - educator toolkits

Curriki - free curriculum resources

Dan Meyer's Blog

Educreations - record your voice/iPad screen to share

Lesson Plan Library - from Discovery Education

Edmodo - classroom social networks

Edutopia - Strategies and advice

EdSurge Math Curriculum Resource Index

Enchanted Learning - graphic organizers

Formulas - list of formulas for GED

GeoGebra files - to help you get started

Gizmos - interactive online simulations

Google in Education - apps, lesson plans, etc.

Greenshot - free screen capture utility

Kids in Need - free supplies for Metro Atlanta schools

Math Assessment Project - lesson plans, etc.

MathChimp - activities aligned with CCSS

MathDL - Mathematical Assoc. of America Digital Library

Mathlanding - Resources & tools for Elementary

Maths Starter of the Day - intro activities

Mathwire - Standards-based activities

Micron Foundation - lesson plans, etc.

NCTM Illuminations - lesson plans, etc.

Nets (3D Models) - printable nets for geometry

Net Texts - Create your own textbook

NRICH - rich tasks, problems, articles, games

Open Educational Resources Commons - Everything

Online Math Resources - from

Padlet - virtual pin-up board

Planboard - Planning and organization

Popplet - mind-mapping

QR Code Treasurer Hunt Generator

QRstuff - QR code maker

RCampus - course management system

Remind101 - text messaging for teachers

Roobrix - rubric grading assistance

RubiStar - rubric maker

SafeShare - remove ads and edit videos

Seesaw - digital portfolios

Screencast-o-matic - free screencasts

Shodor Interactivate - lessons, Java-based activities, etc.

Snipping Tool - Windows screen capture utility

Teacher Advisor with Watson - free lesson planning and guidance

Teachers Pay Teachers - worksheets, etc. (some free)

TeacherVision - lesson plans, printables, etc.

Team Maker - create randomized teams

Thinking Blocks - modeling for grades 1-6

TodaysMeet - manage online classroom discussions

University of Chicago Mathematics Project

ViewPure - watch YouTube videos without ads



iOS Apps and Related Software

Alge-Bingo ($0.99)

Algebra Champ

Algebra Touch Intro - Order of Operations

Appolicious - easy search for math apps

Calculator Pro

Cash Cow Lite

Common Core Standards

Deep Sea Duel - from NCTM

DragonBox Algebra 5+ ($5.99)

DragonBox Algebra 12+ ($9.99)

DragonBox Elements - geometry game ($4.99)

Equivalent Fractions - from NCTM

Euclid - Geometric Constructions ($0.99)

Explain Everything ($2.99) - IWB-like tool

Factor Samurai

Fraction Basics

Fun & Educational Math Apps for Kids (article)

Lobster Diver

Math. - videos, practice problems, etc.

Math Concentration - from NCTM

Math Drills Lite

MathTappers: ClockMaster

Motion Math Zoom

Okta's Rescue - from NCTM

PhotoMath - solve problems with camera app

Pick-A-Path - from NCTM

Reflector - iOS screen on laptop/computer

Sketchpad Explorer

Sketch Up

Teach With Your iPad Math Apps - wiki

TI-Nspire CAS App ($29.99)


For more apps, please go here.


For more information about apps, please visit iLearn Math.


Online Education & Assistance

Academic Earth - video lectures, courses

AdaptedMind - adaptive learning for grades 1-6 (free trial)

Alcumus - Art of Problem Solving online learning system

Better Explained - intuitive explanations

CK-12 - free textbooks


Dreambox - Adaptive lessons for K-8 (free samples)

e-booksdirectory - free textbooks

Education Portal Academy - free algebra videos

Go2Web2.0 - index of e-learning tools

HippoCampus - videos for algebra, calculus, etc.


Khan Academy - how-to videos, quizzes

MathChat - get math help from friends

The Math Dude - Algebra 1 videos

Mathspace - adaptive problems, guided feedback

Mathway - problem solver

MIT OCW Highlights for HS - exam prep, online materials, etc.

MobyMax - CCSS-based adaptive lessons, etc. (K-8) 


Paul's Online Math Notes

PhotoMath - solve problems with phone camera

Purple Math


SchoolYourself - free interactive math lessons

StraightAce - CCSS-based lessons (grades 3-8)


UMN Open Academics - online textbooks





Fun Math Websites

123 Math Games

2048 - math game

BrainPOP Junior - K-3

BrainPOP Math Games

Cat in the Hat Math Safari

Cool Math Games

Cyberchase - PBS Parents activities

DimensionM - 3D game, free demo available - math activities

Free Training Tutorial - math games



Genki Math

Making Math Fun

Mangahigh - adaptive math games with analytics

Math Games

Math is Fun

MathMan - PacMan clone

Math Play

Math Playground

Maths File Game Show - BBC

Math Trail

MIT Game Lab

NCTM Calculation Nation

Quia - math games

Quia Polynomial Battleship

Radix Endeavor - MMOG with STEM topics

Sheppard Software - free math games

Simpsons Math - from the TV show

SineRider - slope game

SpellingCity - Math vocabulary games

Squorder - number tile ordering game

Word Dynamo - drills involving math terms

XPMath - math games

Zondle - create, play, and share games








Computer / Game Programming


App Inventor - from MIT, with teacher resources

Code Academy


Gamestar Mechanic

GameTech - resources



Level Up! - standards-based lessons and resources


Oppia - create interactive ed. content

Programr - Java, C++, iOS, more

Project Euler - math problems that may require computer assistance

Scalable Game Design


Scratch Jr. - iPad app for ages 5-7

Teach with Portals

Turtle Academy - Logo

Tynker - learn programming; for ages 5+


Versal - course creator

Video Game Math



Coordinate Plane Activities

Complex Number Game

Graphing Pictures

Interactive Unit Circle

Math Crush

Mystery Graph Pictures - some free




Mathbits - MathCaching

Applied MathCache - created by HS students

Mercer Mathcaching - created by Mercer University graduate students


Math & Music

Phil Tugga's Music Through the Curriculum

Pi Symphony






Storage / File Sharing


Google Drive





Game Shows

Geometry Jeopardy 

JeopardyLabs - build or browse 

Permutation / Combination Jeopardy

PowerPoint Games - templates

PowerPoint Templates - Wheel of Fortune, etc.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? math games



"Real World" Math Resources

Brainingcamp - interactive apps, offers free trial

Discoveries + Breakthroughs Inside Science

The Futures Channel (subscription required for most videos)

Get the Math - videos and interactive challenges

Gizmos - math & science

Hungry Teacher - lessons & activities (requires subscription)

Illustrative Mathematics - Common Core links

Math in Daily Life

Math in the Real World - resources and interactive activities

Math in the Workplace - lesson plans

Rent or Zip - webquest

Will I Ever Use This in Real Life? - webquest

XPMath - math careers

Yummy Math - relevant activities




Alcula - online statistics calculators
AP Statistics Teaching Resources

AP Stats course material

DataMasher - visualize statistics

QuickCalcs - t-test, chi-square, etc.

Rossman/Chance Applet Collection

Sample Size Calculator

StatsMonkey - AP Stats resources

VassarStats - statistical computation


* Thanks to Mr. Schissler for many of these links! *



Animations & Videos

Animoto - Free for educators

Environmental Protection Agency - cylinders & cones

Factorization - very colorful and appealing

Go!Animate - create your own cartoons

Hexaflexagon Safety Guide - inspiring "how to" video

Mathematics Animated - QuickTime animations

Mathematics Animations and Games

Math Without Borders - math explorations

Numberphile - videos about numbers

PowToon - free animated video maker

Radian - gif

Russell Kightley Media - science and math animations


Vi Hart's YouTube channel - math explorations



STEM Resources

DUST - Augmented Reality game

NASA STEM Challenges - grades 5-8


STEM Competitions

American Mathematics Competitions

FIRST Robotics Competition

Future City

GCTM Mathematics Competitions


Math Olympiads for Elem. & Middle Schools

Robot Events

TEAMS - Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science

Wikipedia list of US math competitions



Geometric Constructions and Proofs

DragonBox Elements - geometry game

Euclid: The Game - GeoGebra-based activities

Euclidea - interactive geometry puzzles

Geometry Proofs

Math Court - board game (online or printable)

Practice with Two Column Proofs

Proofs Wiki - math, physics, chemistry, etc.

Theorems & Properties List

Two Column Proof Practice Tool - excellent!

Two Column Proofs - videos, worksheets, games


Discrete Math

Core-Plus Mathematics Practice Tools - download software 

Discrete Math Resources - Flash applications

History of Math - modules

Math Forum - lesson plans and materials

Pick-A-Path - iOS app from NCTM

Prefix - Polish Notation calculator


Resources in Spanish

Dreambox - free adaptive lesson samples

Khan Academy - Videos and practice problems




ABCTeach - printable worksheets (some free)

Common Core Sheets - free worksheets

Dad's Worksheets - free worksheets and more

EmbeddedMath - t-shirts, gifts, worksheets

Enchanted Learning - worksheets, printables, etc.

Kuta Software - worksheets, etc.

Mailbox - worksheets, etc.

Making Math Fun - games, worksheets, etc.

Math-Aids - dynamically generated worksheets

Math Concentration - printables, etc.

Math-Drills - worksheets

Math Worksheets Land - 100% free

MS Office Templates - ideas for math activities

Print Free Graph Paper - the name says it all!

SEN Teacher - free math printables

Teachers Pay Teachers - worksheets, etc. (some free)

Teach-nology - free worksheets (K-8)

Worksheet generators - from



Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) Resources

Classroom Screen - screen tools

Cool Timer - countdown timer

Desmos - graphing calculator 

Explain Everything - turn iPad into IWB

Hoodamath - games

Learning Can Be Fun - links to many sites & activities

Max's Math Adventures - word problems

Mr. Wolfe's Math - links to many sites & activities

Online Calculators - from Dad'

PBS Kids - games

PhET Interactive Simulations

Promethean Planet

Sketchometry - create geometric figures with swipes

TES iboard activities - for ages 4-11

Touch Mathematics - trigonometry and calculus



Math Resource Books

AMS Math History - some free online books and resources

Facing Math - solve problems correctly to draw the right face

Fantasy Sports Math - football, basketball, etc.

The Outstanding Math Guide (OMG) - graphic organizers

The Reading Nook - links to children's math literature


Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving

Max's Math Adventures

Problem Solving Decks - for K-8

Problem Solving and Word Problem Resources Online 




For Students with Special Needs

Education Modified - EdMod app management system

Math 4 Special Needs - sample worksheets + CD purchase (K-4)

MIND - math without words; free fractions demo

ProjectSOLVE - "Word Problem Solving Resource for Deaf Students"

Special Needs Math - Pinterest by Kelly Rae Ardis



History of Mathematics

Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics

History of Mathematics - historical texts and suggested problems

MacTutor History of Mathematics - archive

Mathematical Chronology

Mathematics History - AMS books and resources (some free)

Math Forum History/Biography - links to resources

Story of Mathematics - outstanding resource

The Story of 1- BBC documentary featuring Terry Jones

Timeline for the History of Mathematics



Connections to Other Subjects

GeoMath - geography and mathematics

Living Math - resources for holistic math education

STEM Georgia - links and resources

ZooTeach - astronomy and math using Galaxy Zoo



Professional Development

ASCD - PD resources

BloomBoard - for teachers and administrators - online, self-paced coding courses for K-12 teachers

Endeavor - online STEM teaching certificate

Math for America - resources and professional development

MyPearsonTraining - free resources connected to textbooks

SmarterCookie - video coaching

Teaching Channel - videos, lesson plans, etc.


For more resources, please go here.



International Resources

Go Geometry - from the Land of the Incas

Japanese National Assessment - 6th and 9th grade problems

Singapore Math - placement tests






Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Robot Algebra

Robot Events

Robotics Resources Guide




Deep Thoughts

Is Math a Feature of the Universe...? - PBS Idea Channel

Teaching Math Without Words - MIND Research Institute







This wiki highlights useful websites and tools for teaching mathematics.

For questions / comments, please contact Jeff Hall.



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